Basic Bible Study Series

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God has a desire for every one of His children to become great. In eternity past He designed a plan that would bring us to greatness. He foresaw everything we would need to fulfill our destiny, and He set aside a lifetime of provisions for each of us.

The purpose of this series of studies is to lay out that plan, to show from the Word the goal that He wants us to reach and the means by which He intends for us to get there.


Unit 1 ,

The Plan of Redemption, explains why man is in the mess he is in and how God saw the problem before time began. It describes the work of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit in providing the solution to our problem and tells us how to lay hold of His solution.


Unit 2 ,

The Provisions of God's Grace, outlines five essential provisions that God has given to every believer. In Christ we are incredibly rich, but these riches are of no practical value to us until we know what they are. Not until we understand what is available to us can we begin to grow spiritually.


Unit 3 ,

Spiritual Growth , describes the upward path from infancy to maturity in the spiritual realm. Once we know what God has made available, the next logical step is to use those resources, to let ourselves be trained for the work God has prepared for us. This unit explains both the alternative to growth and the joys of growth and describes the goal of growth: spiritual maturity.


Unit 4 ,

The Christian Way of Life , describes the greater spiritual riches and the more subtle spiritual tests that accompany maturity. In maturity it is imperative that we have 20/20 spiritual vision. This is the point at which the "normal" Christian life really begins. The kind of life God intends to be "normal" for His children is the kind of life hinted at by men like Joshua, Caleb, Daniel, Gideon, and exemplified in Paul-men whom God could entrust with work because He knew they would trust Him.


Unit 5 ,

Spiritual Warfare , opens the curtain on the spiritual battle that rages on this earth, describing both the strategy of the enemy and the ultimate futility of his cause. Focusing on Job, it puts into perspective the suffering and pain through which heroes of faith are forged.


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