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Did you know that THIRTEEN Judicial Charges of Adam's Original Sin were removed, TWENTY Status Privileges of The Royal Family of God were granted, EIGHT Salvation Works of The Holy Spirit were accomplished, plus NINE factors of Communion with a Holy God - ALL YOURS - the moment you accepted The GRACE Gospel of Jesus Christ. And by the way - that you can never loose in time nor in eternity?

An informative, biblically based manual on Parenting, from birth to young adulthood.

The Gift of a Child, 0 - 24 Months (Infancy)
The Sixty Month Wonder, 2 - 5 Years (Pre-School)
The Emerging of the Person, 6 - 12 Years (Elementary)
The Storm, The Stress, The Steering, 13 - 17 Years (Adolescence)
The Way He Should Go, 18 - 24 Years (Young Adult)

Presented in a web based Interactive format (game) these five lessons were designed to get you started in your spiritual growth, as a child of God in your personal study of the new life promises found only In Christ Jesus. The Bible teaches us that, at salvation you became a new born baby, when it comes to understanding what your spiritual life is all about. In (1 Peter 2:2) it says that you're like a new born baby and that you're naturally going to desire 'milk', meaning what the Word of God has to say 'happened' the moment you accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The purpose of this Training Manual is to help equip new believers to live their life with purpose and direction. It teaches how to use God’s operating assets that were received at salvation. The following topics are covered, in both Basis and Advanced Training.
BASIC TRAINING: 1. Introduction, 2. Salvation, 3. Spiritual Life, 4. Eternal Life, 5. Power Life, 6. Spiritual Gifts, 7. Rebound, 8. Review.
ADVANCED TRAINING: 9. Warfare, 10. Victory, 11. Prayer, 12. Ambassador, 13. Witnessing, 14. Baptism and 15. Eucharist.

A believer in the Lord Jesus Christ becomes an active ambassador when he (or she) takes responsibility for presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to the community of the world in which he or she lives. These studies are to help prepare you for the conflict. Preparation means flexibility and the ability to use God’s word in witnessing. Knowledge of the basic doctrines of salvation is necessary for witnessing. You need to now about Reconciliation, Propitiation, Redemption, Imputation, Regeneration, and the Barrier, just for starters. The ambassador’s adversary is not the Unbeliever, but Satan, who holds the Unbeliever captive.

This is Pastor Ron Adema. "Let me give you one example that comes to mind about how Bible teaching changed our way of dealing with marital questions and problems. We were struggling with finances, time management, being married with two children, going to college, working and all the things that go along with marriage. I was offered a great traveling job, which was a wonderful opportunity for my career and our finances. However, it kept me away from home and from involvement in rearing our children, which eventually grew from two to four" WHAT TO DO?
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