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Associate Pastor Al Rosenblum

Associate Pastor of Doctrinal Studies Bible Church, Birmingham, Alabama, Al Rosenblum is an ordained Christian pastor, bible expositor and professional pastoral counselor. Al has advanced degrees and certifications in both theology and counseling. Al has been trained to translate the original Hebrew and Greek languages of the bible and uses the original texts of the bible to develop complete categorical studies of specific biblical subjects. These unique studies have great practical application to life in today’s environment. Educationally, his latest accomplishment was to earn a M.A. in counseling from the University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB), graduating summa cum laude. He considers his greatest ministry to be his marriage along with the raising of their 4 children.

Al’s focus is the application of biblical principles to the human heart. “I wanted to understand how God had designed the human soul and how the Holy Spirit uses our human faculties to reveal and apply divine principles to life.” Al has developed practical but simple to understand mechanics of the spiritual life that enable believers to apply the word not only to life experiences but also to their own hearts. “The question is: how does God change our hearts so that His Will (what God wants for us) becomes what we want for ourselves, thus empowering the character of Christ to flow naturally from us, enabling us to say with Jesus, “not my will thy will be done”.