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1. To provide sound Biblical teaching so that Believers may learn and grow unto Spiritual Maturity.

This is achieved though consistent presentation of Isagogical, Categorical and Exegetical (ICE) Bible teaching so that every Believer can come to understand the “mind of Christ” (1 Cor 2:16).

2. To provide an environment for Believers to function as “salt and light” to their fellow Believers, community and the world

Our goal is to nurture Believers unto Spiritual Maturity, promote personal relationships with the Godhead and one another,
to teach Believers to operate out of the grace assets provided by the Holy Spirit and Bible Doctrine and foster the capacity for victory in every test of life by faith in God’s provisions.

3. To proclaim the glory of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Celebrity of the universe.

Christ is glorified through His Word, as it is taught and as it is applied in Believers’ lives.
He is glorified as His love and grace is manifested through the Church as His Ambassadors here on earth.
He is glorified as we proclaim His victory over sin and death won on the cross and evidenced by His resurrection.
He is glorified as we teach the gospel of salvation to a lost world which is received through faith alone in Christ alone.

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