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Interactive Bible Study on the
Promises of God

God's Promise of Salvation

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Now that you have believed "The Gospel", that Jesus Christ died for your sins, was buried and, on the third day was raised from the dead according to the scriptures; God wants you to understand His promises regarding your salvation.

According 1 Timothy 1:15 what did Jesus come into the world to do?

According to 1 Peter 2:24 How did Jesus take away the sins of the world?

So, according John 3:36 what happens to those who do not believe in Christ?

Okay, then what happened the moment you believed in the Gospel(the Good News about) Jesus Christ?

You have just studied several promises, of God's Grace Salvation that He has put in writing for you personally. In our next lesson you will study God's promises, to you regarding your (assurance) of Eternal Life.

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