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Interactive Bible Study on the
Promises of God

God's Promise of Eternal Life

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The Bible is filled with many wonderful promises of God. As you progress through this lesson, mark these promises in your Bible, claim them and then share them with others.

1. What 'right,' does John 1:12 say that God promises you, through His Son?


2. What wonderful promise is given in John 10:27-29?

That you will have a long life
That He will never leave or forsake you
That no one can ever snatch you out of His hands
That you're no longer under condemnation


3. There are two promises given, concerning your new privilege as a child of God found in John 1 John 5:14-15, they are: (you must select two answers)

God, our Father will hear our prayer
That you have Eternal Life
If we ask anything, according to His will we got it!


The first three promises relate to your new life in Christ. They offer assurance in your Eternal future. However, a spiritual life is to be lived here, until you 'graduate', to be with Christ. Here are a few of the promises that God has given you, while you're still here on earth.


4. What kind of life does Jesus promise you, the Believer in John 10:10?


5. What does Jesus promise you, if you keep His commandments in John 14:21


6. What further help is promised in John 14:26


Now that you have studied these specific promises, regarding God's promise of Life, For All Eternity; In our next lesson we'll take a look at some of His promises that will enable you to live 'Spiritually' here on earth.

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